2019 MCMC Research Symposium

31 October 2019, by Research Enterprise Department, Strategic Communications Division
Date   : 21 November 2019 (Thursday)
Time   : 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue : Putrajaya Ballroom 1, Level ML, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, IOI Resort City, 62502 Serdang, Selangor

About Research Symposium
Theme : “Malaysia on the Cusp of Hyper-Connectivity”

The one-day symposium is open to all interested parties comprising researchers and key stakeholders in private and public sectors.

For 2019, the theme of the symposium is Malaysia on the Cusp of Hyper-Connectivity. The theme is aimed at capturing the central thrust of a digitally connected, informed and inclusionary Malaysia and explores the implication of Hyper-connectivity made possible by today’s high speed 4G and fibre connectivity. It is anticipated that once higher speed fibre-based broadband becomes more widely available and 5G networks come online in the coming years, these networks will drive the further uptake of data analytics, an exponential rise of IOT devices and increased use and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications. These developments will have wide ranging implications on society which the symposium hopes to highlight. 

During the symposium, a consideration of key issues relating to the implications of the digital age to society will be presented and discussed, taking into consideration on-going research activities related to the digital economy to understand gaps and towards achieving a clarity that will better prepare regulatory and policy approaches in keeping pace with these changes and towards achieving these aspirations. Considerations of digital literacy will be addressed within all presentations to highlight its role in upholding users’ digital rights and safeguarding the wellbeing of the young and vulnerable while contributing to inclusive and equitable digital participation.
Time Item
8:30 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Emcee's Address
9:05 am Welcoming Remarks
Mr. Gerard Lim Kin Meng | Chief Digital Officer, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
9:30 am Keynote 1: Where Do We Go from Here? Through the Wormhole to Year 2030 – Should We Maintain Our Current Approaches? 
Dr. Peter Lovelock | Director, Technology Research Project Corporate
10.15 am Break 
10:30 am Keynote 2: Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence – Implications for Technology, Policy and Governance 
Mr. Sheikh Manzoor Ghani | General Manager, Public Sector Group, Microsoft Malaysia
11:15 am Plenary Session 1: Cyber Security vs. Cyber Resilience – Knowing the Difference and Relevance in Strengthening the Digital Ecosystem
Ms. Shariffah Rashidah Syed Othman | Director Cybersecurity Policy and International Cooperation Division, National Cybersecurity Agency (NACSA), Prime Minister’s Department
11.45 pm Plenary Session 2: Pathways to Digital Resilience and Hyper-Connectivity 

Mr. Kamarul Bahrin Haron | Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Astro Awani
Panel Members:
 1. Mr. Sheikh Manzoor Ghani | General Manager, Public Sector Group, Microsoft Malaysia
 2. Dr. Peter Lovelock | Director, Technology Research Project Corporate
 3. Ms. Shariffah Rashidah Syed Othman | Director of National Cyber Security Policy and International Cooperation, National Cyber Security Agency, National Security Council of Malaysia
1:00 pm Lunch Break
(Putrajaya Ballroom 1, Level ML, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel)

Session 1: How Our Online World is Shaping the Landscape of Today’s Reality – A Discussion of the Hyper-Connected Human

Prof. Dr. Kiranjit Kaur | Universiti Teknologi MARA
Panel Members:
 1. Ms. Rangsima Deesawade | Regional Coordinator for Southeast Asia, ECPAT International
     Evidence to Understand Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA) | Abstract  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Moniza Waheed | University Putra Malaysia
     Malaysian’s Reaction to Provocative News Content | Abstract  3. Ir. Dr. Grace Lim Soo Yong | University of Nottingham Malaysia
     Educating the Hyper-Connected Students in an Internet Age | Abstract
 4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ke Guek Nee | Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
     Cyber Wellness Inclusion and Sustainability of Malaysian Adolescents | Abstract
(Kuala Lumpur Room, Level 1, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel)

Session 1: Design and Accountability: Appraising Communications Technology through the Lens of Ethics, Society, and Values (Past, Present and Future)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sridar Ramachandran | Universiti Putra Malaysia Panel Members:
 1. Ms. Eulis Rachmatiah Iskandar | Head of Ehics and Privacy, Celcom Axiata Berhad
     Ethics and Privacy: Secure our Future and Safeguard our Brand  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr Siah Poh Chua | Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
     Social Networking Sites Usage and Quality of Life among Malaysian Elderly | Abstract  3. Dr. Nur Kareelawati Abd Karim | Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
     The Cultural Politics of Instafamous: How does Hyper-Connectivity Shape the Malaysian TV Industry? | Abstract  4. Dr. Jaspal Kaur Sadhu Singh | Help University
    Ethical Priniciples for AI: Pushing the agenda for adopting a framework for governance in Malaysia | Abstract
3:30 pm Break
(Putrajaya Ballroom 1, Level ML, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel)

Session 2: How our Online World is Shaping the Landscape of Today’s Reality – A Consideration of the hyper-Connected Government, Organisations and Businesses

Dr. Yang Mee Eng | CEO Digital Pathway (Thailand) Panel Members:
 1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Kian Meng | Sunway University
     Hyper-Connected Haptics technology for visually impaired in Human-Machine Collaboration | Abstract  2. Dr S B Goyal | City University Malaysia
    Assess Requirements to Apply Blockchain In Enterprises | Abstract  3. Mr. Mohamed Shafiq Mohamed Ayub | Universiti Teknologi MARA
    How Communication Technology Create Explosive Growth of Esports? A Systematic Literature Review on the Influence of Digital Media in Gamification and Youth’s  Satisfaction in Malaysian Esports Industry | Abstract
(Kuala Lumpur Room, Level 1, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel)

Session 2: Achieving Public Trust, Security, Participation and Regulation of the Internet.  Cybersecurity: Appraising Communications Technology through the Lens of Regulation, Governance and Commerce (Past, Present, and Future)

Mr. Muhammad Dawud Saifullah bin Fadlullah | Head of Systems and Information Security, Maxis

Panel Members:
 1. Mr. Darmain Segaran | HELP University
     Child Digital Privacy in Malaysia: Risks, Regulation And Solutions | Abstract  2. Dr. Mahyuddin Daud | International Islamic University Malaysia
    Combating Fake News Online: Exploring Australian Co-Regulatory Framework for Malaysia | Abstract  3. Dr Jaspal Kaur Sadhu Singh | HELP University
    Formulating the Legal Parameters for the Regulation of Online Falsehoods | Abstract  4. Dr. Nurul Nuha Abdul Molok | International Islamic University Malaysia
     Mitigating Leakage of Oragnizational Information in the Hyper-Connected Era: From the Perspectives of Managers and Employees | Abstract
5:15 pm Session Ends/Evening Tea