The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act, 1998 [Act 589] (MCMCA) provides the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission the powers and function under Sections 16(1)(e) to supervise and monitor communications and multimedia activities; and 16(1)(f) to encourage and promote the development of the communications and multimedia industry including in the area of research and training.

These functions are with a view to promote the ten national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia industry as enshrined under Section 3 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 [Act 588] (CMA).


The focus areas within the Knowledge Hub are distributed according to the following content clusters: Knowledge Management & Resources, Collaboration, Expert Advisory, and Learning and Development. It acts as a focal point in the collection and sharing of insights developed, supported and /or documented by respective sectors, divisions, departments and units throughout the Commission for the purpose of creating value, meeting organizational objectives and contributing to industry development.

MCMC welcomes government, industry, civil society and academia participation to utilise the Knowledge Hub as a platform to share and contribute to industry events, research publications and to join Communities of Practice (CoPs) within the communications and multimedia industry. It is envisioned that this interaction will contribute positively to competency, operational efficiency, linkages and transparency of knowledge useful to stakeholders throughout the sector.